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How can your com­mu­ni­ca­tions best rep­re­sent you? Davis Design Partners (DDP) strives to design work that not only informs and edu­cates, but also cre­ates
pos­i­tive impres­sion—one that increas­es aware­ness and loy­alty. See how we have helped orga­ni­za­tions with their visu­al mes­sag­ing and indi­vid­ual iden­ti­ty.

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AIGA Design for Democracy “Get Out The Vote” PosterAIGA Design for Democracy “Get Out The Vote” Poster

By Matt

On 21, Nov 2008 | In | By Matt

AIGA Design for Democracy “Get Out The Vote” Poster

For the 2008 elec­tion, AIGA con­tin­ued its Design for Democracy ini­tia­tive with twen­ty-four (24) new “Get Out The Vote” posters. DDP was hon­ored to have its “VOTE / VETO” sub­mis­sion select­ed from more than 240 sub­mis­sions as one of the final twen­ty-four. Our mes­sage was pow­er­ful, yet clear: a “Yes” vote can also be a “No” vote.

Each poster was print­ed (50,000 copies each) and dis­trib­uted nation­al­ly, via 62 local AIGA chap­ters and 225 AIGA stu­dent groups. In the run-up to the poster series launch in late August of this year, the twen­ty-four select­ed posters, plus an addi­tion­al twen­ty-six from the online sub­mis­sion gallery, appeared in two con­cur­rent dig­i­tal exhi­bi­tions: the first, at the Denver Art Museum dur­ing the Democratic National Convention and, the sec­ond, at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis dur­ing the Republican National Convention. Both muse­ums pro­ject­ed the set of posters for thou­sands of vis­i­tors, politi­cos and media per­son­nel attend­ing these venues dur­ing each con­ven­tion. The posters for this year’s exhi­bi­tion was curat­ed by Darrin Alfred, AIGA assis­tant cura­tor of Graphic Design at the Denver Museum of Art. The poster series was also simul­ta­ne­ous­ly exhib­it­ed at the AIGA National Design Center Gallery in New York City through elec­tion day. Visit AIGA’s online gallery to view this and the oth­er twen­ty-three posters online, plus the full suite of over 225+ addi­tion­al sub­mis­sions.